Important News from Belfino Group

For the past weeks we have been establishing partnerships with content providers, new outreach resources and enhanced administrative services.

Last month Belfino opened administrative offices in India to support expanded marketing and custom programs for our Asia client base. This will allow for Belfino to operate development programs in the relevant time zones, not only for China, Vietnam, and Korea, but throughout Asia.

Belfino is also adding new custom search capabilities, as well as our marketing programs, in a range of languages, to dramatically enhance our platform.

We have a new partnership with the India based textile trade and media group, Fibre2Fashion.

Fibre2Fashion will implement a Belfino email/information campaign directed to 12,000 sustainable textile product providers and mills throughout Asia over the next 60 days. This will allow for Belfino to expand our participation with a range of small to mid-size mills to provide more options for North American purchasing groups.

And finally, on February1, Belfino will become an active member of the largest automotive OEM trade group in the US. This will enable Belfino, in addition to our memberships in ACT (Association of Contract Textiles) and other trade groups, to provide our Asian clients with new targeted outreach options for their products and services.

For additional information, please feel free to contact us directly at and visit our website